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Tuff roads need tuff equipment, TUFF GRADER from C-U Outdoors is what you need to get the job done right!

TUFF GRADER is a simple in design and versatile with a perfect combination that outperforms the most complex motorized graders. Equipped with two forward cutting blades mounted on high performance grade steel with runners and side panels.


TUFF GRADER has an A-Frame hitch that is compatible with any 3-point hitch tractor with a minimum of 24 horsepower. In addition our 6ft dual purpose option can also be used with a 3/4 or 1 ton truck.


TUFF GRADER is a highly efficient tool and less expensive than traditional motorized graders for gravel and dirt road maintenance. It fills potholes and virtually eliminates corrugated or wash boarding of the road surface.


Unique Dual Blade Action The effect of the boiling action of the dual blades shifts and deposits material in the lower layers, with coarser materials remaining on the surface.  Gravel roads typically look as if the roadway has been recently graveled.


Speed and Efficiency TUFF GRADER performs faster and more efficient by using less fuel than motorized graders because the blades are pulled not pushed through material. Test have revealed that TUFF GRADER works effectively three times more roadway per day than motorized graders.


Specific Uses and Applications  

- Grading and spreading of gravel and dirt.  

- Dirt Roads  

- Foundation Preparation  

- New Roadways  

- Sloping and Countering of shoulders.  

- Embankments  

- Levees and Eathen Dams  

- Spreading and finish-leveling.  

- All types of roadway construction and roadway materials:





        Hot and Cold Asphalt  

- Removing the dirt and grass from blacktop roads.  

- Maintenance of grounds: parks, golf courses and beaches  

- Cleaning and removing of grass on highway shoulders.


Minimum Operating Costs Over a period of time, studies show that Tuff Grader has an average per mile operating cost of less than $6.00.


Regular Uses - Tractor and Implement Sizes

TUFF GRADER (FR)    Width (Feet)             5            6           7           8    

Tractor Size (HP)  30-35    35-50    50-65   65-up    

Truck                                3/4 & 1 ton


TUFF GRADER (Utility)    

Width (Feet)             5            6           7      

Tractor Size (HP)  24-30    30-35    50-65

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